Site to sell and buy?

Hello all - I’ve been around the TT for years, even before my membership indicates, but I’ve always been more of a reader than a writer.
Anyway, I’ve since sold my 2nd of two shops and am out of the pizza biz. It never completely leaves your blood though, I guess.
I’m working on creating a pizza specific site for sellers and buyers of pizza shops and pizzerias to connect. I’m here simply to bounce the idea off of fellow pizza business die-hards. I don’t want this to appear as a marketing type post, so I’ll just leave the website in my profile, should you so choose to take a look.
I’d appreciate any feedback, good or bad. And please keep in mind that it’s very much a work in progress and a lot of the copy on the site still needs to be written. I’m looking for feedback on the concept in general.

Thanks so much in advance!

I guess my question is what does yet another internet site to look for businesses for sale bring to the table? I understand the appeal of specialization, but as a pizza store owner looking to sell, I want eyeballs. Beyond that, the large majority of buyers of businesses like most of ours are local. How do you plan to get your website in front of the local eyeballs. It will take some significant $$ to pump search results and then if there is nothing local to that buyer listed you have wasted the money reaching them and that buyer is frustrated.

Speaking as a business broker who advertises on a number of websites, I am not really interested in increasing my marketing costs by placing ads in yet more places when I think that I already have significant duplication of eyeballs reached on the sites we already advertise on and I am unlikely to pass up the traffic of a, (not to mention:,,,,, for an unknown.

There are already way too many choices… A potential buyer can google “restaurant for sale” and keep themselves busy for hours surfing the listings already.