size 18 kitchen shoes

Anyone have a clue where to look for size 18 slip resistant shoes for kitchen work? I can find up to 14’s but one of my regulars is really big and cannot find shoes for him. Shoes for Crews and SafeTstep are 14 limit.

Ideas? PErsonal experiences?

I know New Balance goes up that big. I do NOT know if they have a style that would work for you or not.

If he ever leaves they will big shoes to fill

They are not cheap…but the contractor shoes on this site, are 18+ and are non slip. We finally resorted to this for one of our guys…with an agreement in writing that if he left w/in a year he’d pay us back.

Hello Nick, Size 18!! please don’t let my wife meet him. Lmao


I also wear a size 18, and believe me it is hard to find plain ol’ shoes let alone kitchen shoes. The only place I have ever had any luck for slip resistant shoes is Red Wing. If that does not work, Columbia makes some very nice tennis shoe hikers that have an aggresive tread that should do a half way decent job. I wish him luck!