skins and screens?

if i make skins ahead of time and place them on screens and put them in the cooler will the dough form in the holes and cause the pizza to get stuck when its cooked? or should i use pans?

The short answer is “no”. The dough will not get stuck in the screens… as long as you dont stack them. You need to use a rack.

The longer answer is that this works very well for an hour or so. knock out a cunch of skins to get ahead of the dinner rush. Don’t figure on doing all your skins for the evening during the afternoon though. They will dry out. You can off set this somewhat by putting a garbage bag over the whole rack but it is not ideal.

So long as your dough isn’t real soft, you shouldn’t have any problems, here’s a trick that I use frequently that might help you too. Form the dough skins, and place onto the screens and place in a wire tree rack in the cooler, cover with a plastic bag to prevent excessive drying. If you can’t use all of the dough skins within an hour to 90-minutes, simply invert the dough skins onto another screen and place right back into the rack. The now cold dough won’t exhibit any tendency to flow into the screen openings as it might have when it was warmer. Don’t worry about the screen pattern on top of the dough skins, it will bake out.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Not trying to be a smart-A, but why don’t you try it for yourself? Although our doughs are probably similar, there are a lot of factors that could affect the results (i.e the dough, type of screen or disc, temperature of cooler, how long it’s been in the cooler, if the screen been sprayed, etc.). Just try it and hopefully your results are what you’re looking for. 8)