getting our buts kicked today for some reason…usually very quiet on Tuesdays

That’s Funny…
Tuesday is usually my 2nd busiest day of the week…and this was a weak one…go figure :roll:

Glad to hear you had a good Tuesday


I had my slam on Sunday. The rest of the week is just average.

I can tell - you didn’t even have time to put in the 2nd “M” :wink:

Friday - good
Saturday - horrible
Sunday - good
Monday - horrible
Tuesday - great

May was one of our biggest ever, June was a big drop off, July is one of our worst in a couple years so far.

Tuesday was busy because of the Allstar Game. Anything that keeps people in on a nice summer evening has to be good for biz.

all in all we were up almost 300% yesterday took me by surprise to say the least…
Monday was abnormally slow