SLICE Canceled them

I’m soo tired of slice. They keep placing a link to slice on our TripAvisor page. Tried for months and these d-mn people give me the run around. So I told them to remove us from their platform but the link is still there.
Any suggestions?

Threaten legal action. I, luckily, haven’t had them put any links on our stuff that I know of. People use TripAdvisor? I don’t think I’ve ever looked to even see if we have a page of not

I cancelled them last year due mainly to the high fees, I have been getting calls to re-join does anyone have an updated story to see if I should risk getting back on, they claim no fees for 30 days and only 2.25 per order after that ? They did setup a website that is similar to mine back in 2017 and still have it active

I also had to cancel them sadly, as what they offer is awesome! I had the same issue(among others) with them putting a number on my page that went to them and not me. That lead to a lot of customer service issues and orders were being taken and then not being sent to us. So I would have to make it right for my customers when they showed up looking for food we never knew we needed to be making. To be perfectly honest I lost a lot of money signing up with them by having to deliver on things they promised on my behave. I’m just giving my honest opinion because I dont want what happened to me to happen to anyone else.

…before you ask…I’ve contacted them three times through different channels…no response.

Not sure if it also works for trip advisor, but you can give it a shot. See below.

SliceLife contact information to remove from your Google Listing

SliceLife remove unwanted listing for my restaurant online order delivery Google My Business

Slice can be reached at (888) 974-9928 and ask for Partner Development. SlifeLife will ask for an email, and they will confirm removal. Be certain the person repeats your email address for accuracy.