Slice Display Case

We are moving into a new location ans we are going to offer slices on our front counter. I love the all glass counter that Tony G has in his Slicehouse Concept. I can not find anyone who can make one here locally in Texas. I have called a lot of the glass guys and nobody wants to even give me a quote. I have calls into some custom aquarium guys, but does anyone have any ideas?

My google searches are leaving me coming up short as well.
Slice Display Corner.jpg Slice Display.jpg

Thats called a sneeze guard

Ive wanted one for years but never pulled the trigger

We are looking for something that is completely enclosed. We have a sneeze guard like this on our current buffet. They are not as sturdy as I would like.

You want it completly enclosed?

IMG_1086.PNG.jpg I built this one on that site never seen one exactly like your picture


Tony G has them custom made. I spoke with him about it a few months back at his new slice shop on Haight Street in San Francisco.

But I think December has a very good solution in Sneezeguard. Looks like those display cases are very flexible and adjustable.

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this is mine I had done by my local glass guy…was not a big deal just a bit pricey[/GALLERY]

http://counterWe used ESP Metals Craft in Brooklyn with no shipping problems. People in our area had no clue how to make this.

How long will the health dept allow a pizza to sit in the window?

i had a local glass and door guy make mine wasn’t too expensive. and it looks great

In California it’s four hours.

(a) Except as specified in subdivision (b), if time only,
rather than time in conjunction with temperature, is used as the
public health control for a working supply of potentially hazardous
food before cooking or for ready to eat potentially hazardous food
that is displayed or held for service for immediate consumption, the
following shall occur

(1) The food shall be marked or otherwise identified to indicate
the time that is four hours past the point in time when the food is
removed from temperature control.

(2) The food shall be cooked and served, served if ready to eat,
or discarded within four hours from the point in time when the food
is removed from temperature control.

Thanks Foghorn. I am surprised the health dept would allow 4 hours. But that is the perfect amount of time. Cook some at 10:00am sell 11 to 2. Cook some at 4:00pm sell 5 to 8. I never even considered a pizza display till now. They look quite nice.

Somebody must sell these things, Sam’s has them in their deli.

Check with your local Health Dept and see what they recommend or demand, I should say.

Personally, I’d stay more in the 3-hr range just to make sure. 4-hrs might be pushing it, not only in regards to food safety but also for aesthetics of the slices and how they bake up. But then again, I baked up leftover slices the next morning for personal consumption and they were still pretty good.

Yeah I agree Foghorn. 4 Hrs is pushing it. You do mean leftover in the fridge right:). I have done that many times. 12 hrs seems to be the limit on next day pizza cause to much moister seems to leave it. 7 minutes at 350. Sometimes taste as good as the night before.

I will check with health Dept first. thanks

That’s a nice look!
ESP has a good site- worth a look.

Think I talked with George. Everything was packed solid with no breakage.