Slice Display Case

4 hours here too…but we go 3. Plus it gives us leeway in case we forget to pull

Yeah, 4 hours is pushing as far as quality goes also I’m sure. Thanks Durbanic

Ready to order one of these… went to ADM in CA and “built” it online (very cool site) but… yikes! It was more than I thought. When isn’t that the case?
I did not really budget for this and I was at $4500 with shipping (across the US). Shipping was $500 of that.
Just sent a quote request to to ESP in NY for a similar unit. Their stuff looks nice, as well.

We ended up ordering ours from Sneeze Guard. I will post a picture when we get it all installed. Thank you everyone for the help.

Ordering mine today… $4200 shipped. Man, didn’t see that coming. Will get a pic when done. Looking forward to seeing yours, TR.
Never heard back from ESP so went with ADM in California. Had it been ESP in NY I might have picked it up.