slice oven

Have a Bakers Pride BK18 slice oven for, well, slices.
Some stuff (bits of this/that from slices) does get in there- not a lot- but it does smoke and can be very annoying.
Can’t clean it at Noon when busy and hot, can end of day w/ a vac.
Thinking about maybe a sheet pan w/ no lip to sort of line the platform. Then, of course, you lose the hearth thing.
We do try to eliminate anything in there if we see it.

Thanks for posting the brush handle, I forwarded that to a friend who has been using a somewhat less professional way of doing it :slight_smile:

Have one of those brushes but its a bit too high to fit each deck.
It seems to me- short of not getting anything in there to begin with- you gotta vacuum out the crap when cool; though the brush (were it to fit) would be good to clean, break up, etc any debris.