Slice size

I realize it’s impossible to make every slice the exact same size.

I’ve run a pizza operation in the past (not at the moment though and I didn’t sell by the slice) but am asking as a frustrated customer.

Those of you who sell pizza by the slice, why do I always get the smallest slices on display? I get the impression the bigger slices are being saved for future customers, yet why are those future theoretical customers more important than me, standing there with money in my hand?

I realize I can point to the slices I want but this has become something of a social experiment for me. Why don’t you automatically give the largest slices to the customer in front of you?

Is that largest slice directly in front of the employee pulling the slices ? Is it the slice that is currently up next ? Does the employee know you personally ? I could keep going on, but i think you get the idea.

My guess is because the sale has already been made. They want to have their most desirable inventory on display to best entice their future theoretical customers.

Because where you are buying your slices from doesn’t use one of the slice cutting guides or an Equalizer to cut their slices. If they were using one of the mentioned devices all slices would be the same size. These are pretty common with stores which sell pizza to the schools for their lunch service as portion control is critical with the school lunch program.
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I don’t look at slice size we do a pretty good job at cutting them evenly are they all the same no. We pull what is in front of our eyes if a customer says they want a certain slice that is what we give. I don’t know what kind of places you go to but I’m sure they don’t think twice about what slice they are giving you. If you want the biggest one just ask for it it’s not a big deal.

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I feel your pain…annoys the sh!t out of me when one of my guys does a bad cut. I usually run the front counter so I try to pair a big one with a small one b/c none of my employees do even though I tell them. Otherwise, I usually give the small ones to employees or eat them myself…problem solved! We do have some customers ask for certain ones (mostly since they are bigger) and we gladly oblige.