Sliced or Shredded

Here’s one for you guys. currently i buy shredded cheese from PFG love the cheese and cant shred my own for lack of a slicer. However , got to thinking about it today because of the rising cost of shredded cheese- i know some old school new yorkers only use slices of mozzarella so now i’m thinking buy loafs put it on the slicer the pros i see is 1)cheaper per pound 2) less waste 3) easier portioning 4) more consistent product . i wont have to worry when i’m not here if they are using too much or to little cheese or making a mess and dumping the makeline catch tray because they made a mess. was wondering if anyone out there currently uses sliced mozz and your opinions on the pros and cons of either sliced or shredded

I was given a sample block of cheese that I knew I would not be using on my pizza after one taste. I decided to slice it for my grand children to use on sandwiches. The time it took to slice was about 4 times what it would have taken taken to shred and the slicer was a nightmare to clean.

The big difference is in appearance/coverage. With the shredded cheese you get full coverage, but using the sliced as they do in N.Y. C. you get more of a traditional appearance with splotches of cheese over the top of the pizza rather than an even/uniform coverage. Actually, I like the latter myself, but I ain’t your customer, so I really don’t have any say in ther matter. You could give it a test drive with a little advertisingby describing it as old world, or Neapolitan. Good luck, I hope it works for you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor