Slicer Problems

We slice all our meats but I am starting to reconsider. The wastage I am getting by slicing my own meats is driving me crazy. The slicer is “eating” or should I say chewing up ever 5 slices. I am also left with an inch or so at the end. Could it be my slicer? Does anyone else have this problem and if so I would love to hear how to solve it.

What kind of slicer?

I don’t use one here at the restaurant, but I have a professional grade Berkel at home that I use for corned beef and such. It works great with very very minimal waste.

It’s an Omcan

I find that when the blade gets dull it chews the meat rather than slices it. Do you sharpen your blade on a regular basis?

Although I’ve never heard of that brand, it sounds like a dull blade to me. Deli’s sharpen their blades every day.

I had this problem with my old chefmate slicer. The blade was dull and the sharpener did not work anymore. The arm that held the meats did not go down far enough to slice the end of the meat so i was also left with 1" of waste.
The solution for me was to buy a new berkel and within a couple months it paid for itself. No waste anymore.