Slicer: Slicker than grease on a tile floor

I want to report back on the experience I had with my adjustable cut Nemco slicer and how it has performed. I really have only had it a day and a half . . . and only pulled it out tonight during a rush when we needed bell peppers sliced NOW. All I can say it . . . JUST D@MN! :shock:

That thing cut through cored bell peppers live hot butter, and in seconds. I was giggling all night about how slick that little puppy is. I almost can’t wait until Tuesday when my next order comes in with whole onions to slice. I’ll be like a kid on Christmas. My staff will be overjoyed to be rid of the mandoline finger eating contraption. Sure we gotta run it through the dish machine . . . just like the other cutters.

Now I am all excited to buy whole crimini mushrooms that I can get for less than the sliced buttons I buy now :smiley: Put that in a marketing piece and enjoy the ride. I recommend to anyone out there getting one of these toys.

The BONUS is that I found it on Craig’s List for $75 like new (delivered). I saved $210 over the cheapest one I could find new, and this thing probably hasn’t cut 20# of stuff in its life. I can bookmark the $210 toward my POS, and book the produce savings for that as well.

why can not you use a sharp knife a knife protect the juice of the vegies from being squeezed out when cutting with a slicer

I cannot process the volume of onions and peppers with a knife that I can with this slicer. I get no juice loss over using a knife, and I get nearly perfect rings from the peppers every @ 3/16" . . .consistent slice. I do not imagine the best knife guy can duplicate that feat . . . uniform slicing and perfect rings at that speed.

These blades are like razors, and the juice loss is actually less than using a chef knife. Pretty darned sweet, really. After peeling, which is the same with knife or slicer, I can run 10# onions wayyyy faster than I can with a knife, and no finger danger whatsoever.

I am a believer now. I once was a skeptic, and am now a believer.

I have the same exact slicer as you Nick.

Your post reminded me that I should sharpen the blades since it’s been a year since we’ve had it. It made a HUGE difference. I had forgotten how nice the slices were when we first started to use it. Recently we had been getting more inconsistent slices.

It’s fun to use. I do tomatoes and green peppers to help out. But when it’s time to do the onions I always seem to have some important business I have to attend to elsewhere. :lol:
This is what my staff have decided the fashion for onions should be.

Love the respirator. I’m thinking of a diver’s mask and snorkel for comedic effect :slight_smile:

BTW, I may be able to get whole crimini mushrooms now for less than I was paying for sliced button mushrooms.

I may have to change my mind on the whole ordering “pre-sliced” vegetables thing . . . I would never have been able to manage it all at the very beginning, though, with my tiny staff and small storage facilities. Now, with larger cooler capacity, the storage of whole veggies in quantity is simpler (and even possible). It is a means of kicking a little more profit out of the operation now that we are ready for it. Then, when we get gi-normous, we’ll have to go back to ordering sliced produce again. What a cycle :slight_smile:

We were just looking into the cost of slicing our own vs. buying pre-sliced since we spend so much time slicing. It wasn’t even close. Pre-sliced veggies were still twice as expensive as doing it ourselves even with labor factored in. You’ll never go back… you’ll just find ways to make doing it yourself even more efficient.

“Nemco slicer, I think I love you!” :oops:

Hello big Nick,Do you have a meat slicer currently on board? And btw t/y for your menu it is an awesome one.


No powered slicer . . .too much insurance liability added with my agency . . . turns me into a Deli for some reason and higher rates :?

We just have this hand cranked jewel to work with. Plum tomatoes for salads went really nice tonight as well.

:oops: I love them fancy slicers------but they are sharp and I always seemed to lightly touch the blades, mostly cleaning and darn they cut the devil out of your fingers lol

slicker than gopher guts on a door knob