Slicers - which one to get?

Hey all,
So in my old pizza shop I had a 10" 1/3hp Berkel slicer. In the first year of use the handles broke and the rod holding the slicer plate rusted where you screw it in… in the first 1.5 year, even when the blade was freshly sharpened, it liked to stall when slicing mozz cheese. Had to push the cheese the rest of the way before it started spinning again.
I cut ham on it maybe once a week, and mozz bricks about 7 a day on average.

Now i’m looking to do subs, fresh-cut meat and cheese. I will need 2 slicers for efficiency. Should I attempted a 12" 1/3hp Berkel? will the extra 2" on the blade fix the problems with the stalling? Avantco and General also make, what look like the exact same model for a couple hundred $ less…

What to do?

Also wanted to add, I will be using these new slicers to cut lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and green peppers. I figure seeing as though i’ll have 2 of these units, I might as well utialize them for cutting the veggies too instead of getting a Nemco veggie slicer for each different vegetable.

Hi Integraoligist

I doubt that the larger blade will work better on cheese.

You best be looking for a 1/2 horse slicer.

George Mills

Yeah, because all these units are belt driven, I didnt know if the belt was just slipping and causing the blade to stop, or if the actual motor stopped until the pressure from the cheese was removed.

What is more likely to have happen?

Hi Integraoligist

Chances are the belt was slipping: They do make gear driven slicers, that gets into Much more cost.

Globe has a 1/2 HP 12" belt drive,their Gear driven 1/2 HP are 13"

George Mills

Gotcha, PMd you too.