What kind of slicers does everyone use? I like my veggies long and thin and looking for suggestions.

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Hobarts are nice, so are Berkels.
Automatic ones are pricey. Id sugest you get a nemco easy slicer. I bought one last year for about $150 new I think. Its already paid for itself, I now buy whole mushrooms at $12 less a week. Also my onions and peppers are always perfect.

Only use it for ham and onions. Bought an el cheapo on eBay for $170. We hand cut peppers and mushrooms. What else are you slicing?

Robot Coupe CL52

Pelican Head attachment, use it on the Planetary mixer. But i also have a stand alone Hobart that we used prior to the Planetary.

We use our robot coupe CL50 and CL52 for cutting the majority of things now. It makes quick work of endless cases of product.

We used to use Hobart deli slicers with the vegetable chute for everything… It was just “how it’s done” for decades before I made the switch. Now nobody uses the deli slicers unless they are cutting deli products like ham, turkey, salami, etc. Did it work? Sure. Would I go back to it? No way in the world.

The pelican head and that nemco easy slicer use the same concept as the robot coupe (and other food processors) but I didn’t like the idea of my mixer running any more than it needed to. It did work well though. I think you can disable the planetary on the new mixers so you are just running the accessory drive, but still.

That easy slicer looks like it would be great for the price and if you aren’t cutting a massive amount of stuff…

Nemco Easy Vegetable Slicer for onions, green peppers, potatoes, etc…

And a separate Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer for tomatoes:

What will you be slicing the most of?
We only use our slicer for Canadian Bacon & tomatoes,
If you purchase a slicer, may I suggest getting a 12" Hobart, I have used Berkel in the past and I find them to be very poorly designed and very difficult to clean properly
Shrooms are done by hand here, Fries are cut with a classic Mandoline by Bron Coucke Linky>>>

We use a Robot Coupe R4X for shrooms, onions, & bell peppers. We use a bizerba slicer for our deli meats, it is amazing; but not necessary if you aren’t selling deli sandwiches.