Opening a new shop and need a slicer for meats and cheese- pretty limited usage is anticipated.
Primarily need it for Paninis which I added because I thought just pizza and salads would be too limiting.
No subs, no cold sandwiches, etc.
I kind of anticipated getting pre-sliced meats for the paninis but the food rep told me pre-slliced is expenive and you have limited options.
So… looking at slicers. Did not want nor budget for one, and they freak me out accident safety-wise.
But, here I am.
Any thoughts, suggestions & tips gladly accepted- and appreciated.

Berkel makes good slicers at a reasonable price

George Mills

Slicers can be used for many items,
All deli meats and cheeses
The newer ones have all kinds of safety guards.
Getting one that supports a vegetable chute makes cutting veggies so much easier
Id recommend Hobart or Berkel

Thanks, guys.
Was near you last week and stopped but was too early- around 9:30 am.
Univex is made here in NH but the don’t seem recommended! By anyone.
Just gotta bite the bullet, I guess.