Slices and counters

Looking to make slices the focus of a new shop.
We all know the traditional slice display; Brackets and glass making the two or three shelves or tiers and the pies on display when you walk in- some have more, some less, but mostly the same thing.
Location will be mostly lunch and speed is an issue.
Even a slice or two reheated takes 5+ minutes.
I was thinking about maybe incorporating one of those higher-end merchandiser units that hold 4 pies and work very well- heat and humidity. I know that Star and Hatco make them and they are not cheap.
They seem to work amazingly well- at least from what I’ve see of them at C-stores and gas stations. I’ve grabbed a slice at midnight that been in there for hours (I believe) and they are very good.
I like the idea of 12-15 pies on display and available but 4-5 ready to go instantly.
Thoughts or experiences?
Thanks in advance.

Currently use a Hatco FSD-1 Flav-R-Savor & have used a humidified Hatoc in the past. The only way to go IMO. Start with 1 and add a couple more as cash allows.

Thanks. I’ve never seen one NOT in a gas station or C-Store so was curious about seeing if people used them in pizza shops. The lunch/speed issue will be a big deal for me and I think this will help.

Did you figure this out?

How are those display cabinets? Or did you go with some other solution?

Have not done one yet- not opening until after Jan.
Display case is up and will see how that and the slice oven works.
Counter space may be tough.