Slices or no slices

Was wanting some advice on slice/ or no slice/ ?
Opening a casual pizza shop with takeout and dine-in and we have decided to maybe not do slices any opinions on this?

I do slices for the grab and run lunch people that would rather have pizza than a DQ burger. I don’t generate enough slice business to keep it going after 3PM. I sell about 40 slices a day during the week.

did slices last year, doing 8" pizzas this year, equivalent t 2 medium, (25 sq. in.) slices.
not good for those that want it on the run
I do not have enough of those, if I did, I’d do the hot n ready concept with the 8"'ers.


We do a slice/drink special between the hours of 11 till 4.

i tried the slices from 11-2pm everyday for about a month. Maybe sold a total of 20 slices the entire time. The pisser is we’re a fast-food/carry-out/de-livery service, so we get a decent lunch… but no one wanted slices. :?

It’s better to try slices and find out it won’t work then not to try it and there was a possibility it would. We do roughly 40 or 50 slices a day 5 days a week. Sometimes more, just depends on the day. Once we get our fountain pop, I’ll do a 2 slice special and a pop, plus I might try a breakfast or dinner buffet. If neither work out, I gave it a shot.

From the advice of several others on this board (in a similar thread), I decided to try my hand at PBTS (Pizza By The Slice) in mid December. I bought the warmer which was no biggie. The biggest challenge was to let the people know we had slices. I thought about having one of my employees wave a big sign in front of the restaurant during lunch. But I didn’t want to add the labor. So instead, I got a vinyl banner and one of the “wavy guys” (i.e. fan and nylon sock contraption). The banner by itself was ok, but once I got “wavy guy” going, oh man. It quadrupled my traffic on slices. Bottom line, the only way to really make money at PBTS is to sell a lot of them. If the volume isn’t there, then go with “make to order”.