Im thinking of getting into slices for the lunch time , what do you guys do with slices , ie do you keep hot or allow to cool and then reheat
also in your opinion how long can pizza be kept before it`s un-eatable?

generally a slice of pizza loses it’s quality after about 20 minutes. I would not suggest reheating it as the quality just isn’t there.

I was doing slices all day but after the lunch rush there was always that 1/2 pizza left. so now I have cut back to the lunch 2 hours and then make more fresh ones when the schools let out (which is also abaout the time the construction workers take their break). then forgret about it during supper rush.

I under cook the pizza and when someone orders a slice i cut it out throw it in the oven and let it finshin cooking… customers love it…

Most of my customers want a grab and run slice. I have one the staff call “grouchy guy” that won’t even wait 1/2 a minute for the pizza to come out of the oven without complaining.

We bake a pizza and put it in a pizza warmer/display case in the window. It loses some of its fresh baked quality BUT it gets that reheated great taste when we pop it back in the oven for 2 minutes.
The ONLY complaint that we have received on our pizza since we have opened is that we serve BETTER pizza by the slice than fresh out of the oven…Go Figure!!!

I thought about this as well and decided after the normal lunch break,I’m going to make smalls or 1/2 pies.Then during really slow times half 3/4 baked pies ready for clices.

I have a pizza warmer with a humidity control on it and pizza stays pretty good for up to an hour. I only do slices from noon to 2pm.

Hmm, I just toss the slices in a box on top of the pizza oven on top of a small alum tin.

That’s the bottom line to this ongoing slice question. Why make this so complicated?

You have a 4 hr period to sell the slices from the time you remove the pie from its cooking source.

Until you have regular slice customers, wrap the slice in plastic wrap individual after it sits for an hour and then place in cooler. When someone orders a slice, unwrap and place in oven for less than a minute. If your slice doesn’t taste good then you sell a bad product to begin with -

Donald, I think thats because some places fresh outta the oven pies don’t
have that crispy bottom crust like a reheated slice. I used to have to request
this at Rays Original all the time “no foil” tin foil mucks up the crisp achieved by heating that slice right on the stones. Maybe you could pre-bake and entire pie for “us” people who like it crisp.

donald in my opinion I think pizza taste better when not hot because that’s how u can get the real taste of the sauce, cheese and crust…

also like pizzatime said… u can leave a pizza out up to 4 hours till is uneatable… we do slices from 11 - 2 pm… we cook 2 pies… l leave them out and reheat them when someone wants a slice… we had no complains about the taste yet… but if u have a good pie it should taste good cold or hot…

By Most Health Department Laws you can only hot hold product for 4 hours.

I have found that by providing slices, you are more opt sell to someone out of impulse than necessity, or better yet to someone who is on the fence about trying your product. Maybe they go to company B down the street, but they want to try your product to see how it compares, providing slices allows the person the opportunity to make that comparison without investing(risking) allot of money.

I generally make a 16" pie, and cut it into 6 slices, and sell it at about 80% of retail. So a 16" P goes for $16.00 a slice would be $2.00/slice.

If they try it and like it. I win another customer over from company B.

Somewhere in my past I wrote a pretty good article on “Pizza by the Slice”. Yolu might want to check through the archived articles both here at PMQ and also at Pizza Today to find the article. This atricle will provide you with a number of options for your slice operation.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor