Slicing cheese for pizza

Ok this question will effect very few as many do not still do this the old way.
We slice all our pizza cheese on a Berkel 180D.
we have been using Vantaggio 2% skim for many years,
this year we have had a terrible time with it it seems to soft, sticky and squishy, then fine for a few weeks then bad again.
The slicer will shred the cheese badly instead of slicing and stacking
then a case later be fine, almost like its not aged enough.
I know the plandemic has really screwed things up but this is just about to make me switch brands if i can find something else that tastes good and has the same stretch.
anyone still slicing have any suggestions and its not the slicer as it works beautiful.

Maybe you are leaving the cheese outside for too long before Slicing it

I’ve had this issue off and on over time. It always seem to sort itself out. Have you tried the 3% of same brand? We finally switched and it seems more consistent. We only slice for subs, we shred for pizza.

No sir
right from fridge to slicer

You can try 15 min in freezer, its been known to help