?SLOMON_Case Studies

Anyone ever have to reference any case studies while trying to get financing or anything like that. Any help is appreciated.


I did not need case studies for my financing in buying an existing biz about 4 months ago. I did need lots of facts. I got a lot of percentages on pizza growth sales on the economics of the growth of the industry. I put these in numbers and on graphs. I also threw in a lot of numbers and research on costs of the product from various companies, who were very helpful, so that the financial guy knew that I knew what I was getting into. I found that the banker I talked to wanted to be sure I knew my stuff and knew how to manage it. I got a lot of my info right here in the pmq archive articles. You should be able to find studies at the local library or right here in these articles with a little research… I found that to be the key, research, research , research. It took me 3 years to get my own place but I love it!!!


I’m not so sure about case studies helping you to get financing. But I do know that banks lood for a solid business plan-with realistic numbers and strong demographic research. Also buisiness experience helps a lot–even if you have never owned a pizza business before. Experience running another business is a great asset.

However, if you are getting financing against assests such as your home, a business plan for the bank is not necessary–but would be a good idea for yourself. Getting a straight business loan from the bank is no easy feat for someone who is buying their first business–also don’t forget to look into SBA as a loan source.