?_Slomon: names

Do you have any suggestions for brainstorming a name for a new pizza restaurant?

Hi Sherri,

Naming your place can come from just about anywhere.

Do you have a particular concept in mind?

Traditionally, pizza places are named after the owner or someone, like:
Tony’s, John’s, or Grimaldi’s or Lombardi’s. Then there’s initials: CJ’s, or CJ Holmes, or nick names like: Tomato’s,Caps or Pop’s. Familiy members are also popular: Papa John’s, Uncle Zito’s. Royalty: Prince Umberto’s, King Umberto.

Historic names: Michelangelo’s, Raphael’s, Da Vinci and Mona Lisa.
Locations: Lincoln Hill, New York, Miami, Portofino, Venice
Addresses: 211 Knob Hill, Rodeo Drive, or just the number: 555, or eleven
after a pet: Jacko’s, Maxi’s.
After the style of pizza: Old Chicago, New York’s Finest
Food Items: Zucchini’s, Capellini, Tomatina
Italian Words: Spago, Mezzaluna, Allegro
Something about the cooking method: Brick Oven, Wood-fired
Sporting: Home Run Pizza, Grand Prix
New Age: Cosmic, karma, Galaxy, Cosmos, Sonic, Atomic
Building: Hut, Shack, Cabin, House,

I could go on, but I think you get the picture…it could come from just about anything and any one. I was just reading about someone naming a place after their initials and a sound their former girlfriend made: TJ Grunts–pretty far out, but you see where you can go.

Try to pick something that is catchy and easy to pronounce and to remember.