is this weekend slow 4 any1 else or is it just me?? Its been very hot so Im wondering if that had to do with anything, and the holiday every1 cooking?

Our friday was a little slower than normal and our saturday picked up a little more than usual. Maybe it has to do with the holiday?

combination of the first hot weekend, people running to the beach, and memorial day.

My saturday sales were off 20%

sales slightly higher than normal for me all this week
friday was very busy up almost 30%

It likely depends on your location.
Some towns, people GO TO for 3 day weekends. Some towns, people GET OUT of for 3 day weekends.
Mine is the latter - so regular business is down. Fortunately, I had a couple special events booked for pizza (kids parties, runs to a big sports event, etc) so it’s evening it out.

i think for me it is the college kids are home,we have a lot of kids coming back for summer
grad parties have been a big boost last couple of days,i have gone threw 7
cases of chicken in 3 days(14-8 cuts per case)normally 4 cases

Ive been very slow all weekend. I wish I had the warm weather though its been cold here.

Thought it was to be slow this weekend with all the boats, toy boxes etc that were on the road Thursday…buy VERY busy Thurs, normal Friday, Very Busy Saturday…so so today.

down some on friday, about normal for saturday and extremely slow today…thinking it might not be worth opening tomorrow…just enjoy a day with the family…any thoughts from the long timers???

Yup, believe it or not I’m slow too. Military town(with almost no troops) x memorial day weekend = time to watch the labor costs.


As you head into the heat we are going for the electric blankets.

Sales for the weekend were the best on record and up 25% on last year. We fell short of hitting $10K for the week for the first time by $43.

The weekend sales were helped by the release of Pirates of the Carribean last Thursday. We have a 6 theatre cinema complex a few doors down from us in the shopping centre we are in which is great when block buster come out. With the upcoming releases over the next few months of Shreik III, Transformers, Oceans 13, etc we can expect to be busy every weekend for a while now.


monster week here, but we had the indy 500

gr8 week here,then the weekend came not so good but we are close to the shore points,which everyone goes to the beach almost everyweekend thru the summer so we learn to deal w/ it.