slow day

what day of the week has the least revenue for all of you

mine is tuesday…hands down

me 2 sometimes sunday

Only being in the biz 3 weeks my track record is limited. But already Monday is a TOTAL bomb for me, sigh. That is the trouble, I mean I get some customers but its barely worth being open for. Do any of you close one day?

We’re planning on closing mondays, I think that is a sensitive subject in here because you want to be available to your customers all the time, BUT…we need a day off too, and we’ve worked at stores that have been closed on mondays and didn’t seem to hurt the business, we will try it and see, if the demand seems to be needed to be open that 7th day then we may rethink it and open on mondays but until then it seems to be the best day if any to close.

no but there will be alot of those days at first keep or pay some1 2 doorhang now so it can keep u a little busy…


I think 3 weeks is way to early to start thinking of closing for a day. At this point you need to be trying to get people to use you as much as you can.

You won’t find a pattern of business for quite a while and if it worries you that ‘its not worth opening’ at this time I assure you you’ll have plenty more of those to come. Try to think of other things you can do in the quiet days. Paper work, cleaning there is so much you can do whilst still being in the shop.

Never been a fan of closing any day - I used to use get a take away from a local Chinese most weeks. It closes every Tuesday. A few months ago we fancied a Chinese on a Tuesday - used another one and its just as good and I’ve now got their up to date menu and guess what - decided to use them now. You don;t want to be in this situation.

Thanx all!! Sorry to hijack the thread. But yes, I to do believe that its to early to think of a closed day. I mean its not like i’m not selling anything, and im not paying anyone to be here, I manage to do fine on my own so it isnt costing me anything to be open except a few lights and some small equipment. (Just so those of you who dont know, I run a take-n-bake) So there are not even oven costs except for the small one I use for baked personal sized pizzas.
You know how it is in business, there are a million people giving you a million peices of advise.
But the advise I charish the most is from the TANK!

Although these past few weeks Tuesdays and Mondays have switched, traditionally Tuesday nights are the weakest.

its kind of funny you mentioned the switch on mon-teus,
i am having the same except with fri-sat switching up…go figure

Same here - it wiffle-waffled between Mon, Tue, and Wed being slowest.
Monday for a few months. Then Wednesday.
Then, this week, Tuesday was HORRIBLE, while today’s been pretty strong.

I’m open 7 days - trying to establish ourselves as "independent, but NOT “small-time”. Lot’s of restaurants around here are closed Mondays. But not Dominos. Not Pizza Hut. See what I mean?

Monday is our slowest day. It’s torture.

I’m one of those that believe you must be open 7 days a week. Even if it is torture.

“It all comes down to availablity.”-Sonny in A Bronx Tale

I have a competitor two blocks up the road who has been in the business for 35 years or so. They close on Tuesdays.

As a result I do pretty well on Tuesday just by being the guy who’s open. Hopefully once his customers try mine they won’t go back.

Monday, Tuesday.

Perfect time to doorhang or throw flyers.

. . . . or paint trim, or stain floors, or hang sheetrock, or rewire your sign lights . . . .

lol, Nick I have to assume you have no kids or girlfriend/wife. :lol:

Hello Billy,I would say Tuesday is hands down throughout the years the slowest day of the week. As far as some of you whom are thinking of closing on Monday…Be Careful Football season awaits us!! My Monday nights are great during the winter football season.


As if! Wife’s the one pushing me to get it all done by July 28th for our ‘grand opening’ celebration!! It’ll be good when this part is done, though.

Alternates between Monday and Tuesday, but on average Tuesday would be the slowest.
A indie competitor a couple of suburbs away decided to close Mondays during summer when it’s normall very hot and sales are down.
The thing is this past summer was our first with daylight saving so everyone was out late every night including Mondays. If they wanted pizzas where do you think they went? We stayedopen later than normal and got extra sales. Since then we have kept his customers and the others we gained by being open later and the rest is history.
Moral - stay open no mater how quiet it is because if you close the customers will look elsewhere. If your competitor gets your customer in and their product is good it’s 1 nil to him.