SLow Friday ....

I guess its becuase january but im slow today adn really slow… last year i was a little busier…

how your friday goin?

We were slow for a bit…only had 35 orders by 5:55 p.m., then around 6:15-ish, we got a rush, and when it settled back down around 7 p.m., we were at 105 orders.

I am happy to say this is the busiest day I have had in 2008. I got 3 school dances and a hockey team to feed on top of my regular business. Biggest Single order $545.

Was our 3rd biggest Friday and the biggest for months.



I don’t own the store…

We did close to 3K on friday.

We had a 1400 lunch and the rest was for dinner.

It snowed here that day so everyone freaks out in Georgia. Still turned out o.k.