Slow September?

Is it me or has this September started out on the slow side?

extremely :cry:

I compared it with my last years figures, it’s lower then usual, but Sept is always my slowest month of the year.

I have to agree with this being a bad September. More doorhanging is scheduled!

Verryyy sloooowww…

Last week was one of our worst weeks ever…and of course it had to fall right before payroll taxes were due! :cry:

After seeing that paul7979 had a $7200 day I figured I was the only one struggling… So at least I feel a little better…

Once again, the Think Tank provides support–this time moral support!

this is the slowest couple weeks in a looooooonng time . . .

wow slow isnt the question ova here…I thought it was my food lolol

I am very happy to be on the opposite side here.We have been extemely busy this month and numbers are growing weekly.I hope this wears off to you folks that aren’t though.Keep your heads high.


I’m with Goomba (this time) . . .we are having a hard time keeping the dough off the ceiling over here :smiley: We are on pace for record September sales even though we are closed two Saturdays this month for private family events.

Weeklies are outstanding. We are coming off a surge of marketing, and have a slew of new customers keeping us busy. This is a rebound for me given lots of you guys were scorching it up earlier this year. I am envious and playing catchup having been closed until June 1. It’s fun using ideas from the Think Tank and having them actually work to increase business . . . who’d’ve thought?

this is been for all type of businesses not just pizza slow slow september go away

Slow for me as well. Was building steadily through the summer (hit $14k for each of the 1st 2 weeks in August - since then, dropped off about 15 - 20%. Time to start pushing the mktg!

Sept is tracking up about 24% over Sept '06. Last week was up 41%. This week looks like about 18-20% up.

Sept '05 was up 5% over '04 and Sept '06 was up 12% over '05.

Sept is our 3rd slowest month (May and June are slower).

This is our 9th September in business.

Well, we’ve now run headlong into the County Fair week, and are dragging a little behind projections :frowning: It’ll smooth out a little over the weekend and next week if history holds true.

It’s been about the same for us, some days up, some days down. That’s why I was “trying” to do some advertising. Plus, since it’s just my wife and I, we decided to close on Mondays. Sundays are just too busy to close for.