Slow Start to the Week

I am down about 70% from normal ! What is going on? Anyone else down so far this week?

I had a great week last week, now this. It is so hard to predict this business.

exactly the same here

Not 70%, but darn near.


It was SOOOOOO slow today…my 11 to 1 lunch only netted $198 when I’m used to $400 by that time.

I think everyone is “partied out”.

I think business will pick back up next week when basketball games are back on…and isn’t Thursday night the College Football national championship?

Hope we all get a good piece of the pie (pun intended) then!

We’re dead too; off about 50% from normal. Like Crusher, last week was awesome for us.

It’s a common trend. The week with New Year’s is usually huge, the week after is usually terrible. Nothing to be alarmed about.

My (and millions of others) Christmas bills just arrived in the mail. :shock:

It is slow compared to my average week but within a few dollars of the same time period last year.

down 20%… but still giving it 1000%

We’re down but we’ve had record snows and freezing and now flooding and winds. I did a delivery tonight and almost got stranded by a mudslide, so I’m ready to pack it up to Arizona!!! But I’ll be back at my biz tomorrow, ready to give the day all I can with a smile on my face.

…and isn’t Thursday night the College Football national championship?

[size=5]RECORD DAY!!! GO GATORS!!![/size]

If I ever had a day or two that was 70% lower than average I think I would $hit myself in worrying. I definatly have bad days and weeks but these usually are within 25-30% of average and commonly are expected as they tend to happen here when the students are out of town. For anyone who can deal with fluctuations as much as 70%, you’re much stronger than me as these would make me quit in a heartbeat!

Thank you for this post. Just got this shop about 3 months ago so I don’t have previous year data, but we were down over 50% of normal. I was getting a little freaked out that this Monday did better than last Friday. I’ll be ready for this week next year though. Yuck.

This is always a slow week. Think about it…everyone is hot and heavy with New Year’s Resolutions…I would imagine most people have these two resolutions on their list

BUDGET (or not eat out so much because of diet, or cut our eating out expense to save money)

Most people who over indulge over christmas (food and financial) are starting to feel the after effects about now.

We always market salads and perceived value coupons through January.

Don’t panic it will start to pick up as people are predictable and most new year’s resolutions are a thing of the past by the end of January. :lol:


What a DUH moment for me. LOL

I think you hit the nail directly on the head right here, and I didn’t even think about it.

Dang, I should’ve put a bug in my bosses ear to market our whole wheat and veggie pies.

Same will happen here.

Even though we’re not in Florida, our “home team” is playing…the Sooners.

So, Oklahoma pizzerias will probably have big nights, too.

record slow for us week as well… which is usual for January but jeez. The start of Feb. is when we always pick back up to normal, just have to do some extra advertising these next couple of weeks.

On another note about people with their New Years Resolutions… I heard on the John Tesh radio show that most people give up on their resolutions on January 8th… So we should be busy this weekend with people jumping off of their “diets” :twisted:

The previous two weeks were amazing sales for us. Even with some closed days. This week started off with a whimper, but I’m not losing my mind. I checked the stats, and every year is like this for a couple weeks . . . a little off average. At least we aren’t 70% off; I feel for ya’ brother Crusher. Keep the faith and work that marketing plan to lay the foundation for getting pizzas back flying out the door.

Thanks Nick,
I think it will come around by next week. As far as a “Marketing Plan” I haven’t ever really made one. I just go with the flow and do box toppers, I’ll do an ad in our local paper every once in a while, and I us an online email marketing company. I have thought about an actual plan, but have never gotten around to it. Anyone willing to share their plan or give me some advice on making a plan, I would greatly appreciate it.

[size=5]RECORD DAY!!! GO TROJANS!!![/size]

Same happens here with USC. We had our biggest New Year’s Day ever this year. Monday was ok but Tuesday this week was the real downer.

I can breathe again, Tonight we were up 25% over a normal Wednesday. I think by the end of the weekend we will make up what were down for Monday and Tuesday. At least that is what I am hoping!

Boomer Sonner paul hope you both get stomped tommorow if you know what i mean have a lot of freinds going but stuck here manning the store hope to get back there soon iof not see you in Viva Las Vegas