slow the last 2 weeks???

Just curious to know if any other shops have been slow the last 2 weeks. I am thinking it is end of summer camps here, college not back in and folks are generally spending $$ on back to school and not eating out. We seem to be down 20+%.

I have been down that much all summer long…not just the last 2 weeks

July 09 worst month we’ve had in 10 years, and the agony continues the first two weeks of August,
Especially Mon-Thurs, Fri and Sat’s are near normal but not the rest.
We survived the high gas prices last year with no slow down at all , so I’m at a loss to explain
what’s going no now??

Our business in general is off 25% - 30% over last year. We had a slow June but a fantastic July. Normally July and August are the two slowest months for us. We could close and I’m not sure anyone would miss us. Typically the 1st and the 3rd weeks of the month are our slowest weeks in the month. Our local newspaper runs specials on advertising inserts, so I did a flyer and sent it out on the 1st week of July. We not only had the best July since opening It was our third highest month in 3 years. I am running the same flyer in the 3rd week of August to see what happens in August.

ditto… last 2 weeks been off 15%.2 weeks before were great,im noticing a trend however next week we have a tax free week for back to schoolers and expect an increase since we’re close to the mall.