Slow time of year????

Hi everyone,
Just wondering if this is a slow time of the year or what? My sales are down and I am just about to lose it! :smiley: Anyone got any advice?

we have been SWAMPED think because of the bad weather

From my perspective, the weekends have been great. I have tried specials/discounting, but the Mon-Weds sales are God-awful. I think when the weather breaks, things will pick up, but I am trying to be proactive by marketing aggressively. J_roKK have given numerous ideas which have slowly, but surely increased my sales. Read over some of the ideas outlined in “marketing ideas.” Doorhanging has dramatically increased my sales, about 3 to 1 over traditional newspaper adds. My next “borrowed idea” is to use a saturation postcard mailing that Jim discussed before. Again, before throwing in the towel, there are many cost-effective (and low-cost) means to increase sales. Try them out. Give some “free pizzas” away at some local businesses or visit your local schools. Don’t give up as I know I was in your boat just a few short weeks ago, and already putting into place concepts/ideas from here, I can finally see some light.


Pizza Bob

Are you comparing apples to apples?

What I mean is, are you comparing last years Feb to this years Feb? You can’t compare last months to this months sales for a accurate trend. You need to cycle last years numbers plus a increase(you decide the increase).

Yes, Feb is a slower month compared to the rest.