Slow weekend

Is it just labor day or back to school? Sept 5 th. 1 year anniversary. Made it through my first year, thanks to all of you for your help.

august was bad our school started on aug 6 whole month lousy this weekend was good. setting up at labor day at park for parade etc hope to do good.

Yeah me 2 slow weekend after best week ever here. Guess its the school shopping. Also my 1 yr anniversary.Ive heard that August should be the slowest month of the yr is this true?

im going on vacation next august.

I suspect it depends on your market. August is a top 3 month consistently each year. We also tend to do a promotion of some sort in August to goose totals a little to get momentum going into school year.

August was also a top 4 for us,Sept.,December and January were the only months better than Aug. for us.This past Friday has been unbelievably strong and the best part of it is I haven’t did any marketing this past month.But sure as the sun will shine I will be marketing the crap out of September…Hellooooo football season!!


I went on vacation this August. Of course it was one of the busiest weeks we’ve had in months.

Figures… when you vacation three things always happen. It’s busy, something breaks and employees call off.

Yeah, Somehow they think they are screwing you by quitting when you are on vacation. Maybe they think they are so important that if they do this you will have to cancell your plans and come back.