Has anyone else been slow this first week of February? Compared to previous years? This past year (2008), are sales remained consistent with the 2007 even going higher some months. For the year we were up about 2% over the last year. January 2009 continued like previous months but now it seems like everyone just stopped ordering. We are down about 20%!! Just wondering if anyone else is experiencing a drop like this or if my competition is taking some business?


We are also off 20%. First time weekly sales have fallen below 20K per week at this time of year in a long time.

Thanks, I was wondering if I was the only one.

We have been slow for the last 10 weeks. Our business depends heavily on tourists and travel is down.

I’m sorry. They all came to Grantville for our new ovens :shock: Our sales are UP about 18% from the first several days last year. We are absolutely running ragged, and trying to make the most of it. Gotta pay for that replacement stone and all the bills we accumulated in the slow winter months.

We were up 17% over last year for January and up 8% the first week of February.

Thank God.

Same here for our resort ski town in Canada, most restaurants are down 10-20 percent while the fine dining places are down up to 50 percent, you know the pizza business is a good business to be in right now in the restautant biz, less expensive alternative to higher ticket restaurants. i’m presently researching new marketing ideas and concepts for 2009, I’m thinking value value value with amazing top quality product and service can never go wrong. 2010 is the Winter Olympics here fir us, can’t wait to see what kind of gong show Whistler will be for that, lol. Anyone have any experience operating during the games?

Jan. up 7% Feb up 12% to date. Tax refunds… :slight_smile:

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We were up about 18% for January, and are up about 13% for the previous two weeks.

Just a quick reality check though… January 2008 had 5 Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. January 2009 had 5 Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. That tends to skew the percentage upwards a bit. I always compare based on weekly periods to eliminate that problem.

Wow 20k a week?? i feel sorry for you how do you ever get by…

id be happy at 20k a month right now

I’d be happy with a 10k month lol

just finished a busy night - 44 deliveries on one hour - but only 8 drivers instead of the 12 rota’d so service was much worse than expected!

Up just over 15% so far on last year which I’m delighted with - just hope it carries on like this (but doubt it will)!

Yeah. Instead of “months”, I’ve blocked the year off in 4-week blocks for comparisons. Those extra Fri-SAt months can drive me crazy.

That rush is insane!! Good job wiz.