Hey Everyone,

Just curious to find out hows business for everyone. Has the Bad economy effected you good or bad? Up until this month we where about even in sales from the previous year , this month so far is about 6%. FYI we are located in the east coast. Been doing same advertising have not cut anything back.

                                                            George Mandarinis

Hi George and Welcome to TT


is that 6% up? down? or (hopefully not) 6% of last January’s sales?

Up 69%

In the early part of our second year right now, up about 25%. Just had one of my top 5 weeks last week, set a Tuesday sales record and a Wednesday sales record this week…so, if I get a strong weekend, I should have my best week ever.

Cant say whether we are up or down from last January. We are very slow though. Historically January is our slowest month. Is this common for others? My take on it is that it has something to do with holiday over spending and maybe new years resolutions to get diet/weight and financials in order. Usually things are back to normal by March.

Congrats HBO & Indie!!!

Like gbomb, January is our slowest month. However, we should end up around +8%, and I’m quite happy with that. I look forward to posting much larger gains as we enter our ‘season.’

January is our slowest month as well.

We are up 10% so far this year. :slight_smile:

Hey td,
You opened up in my back yard! My restaurant is in Effort. Your Tannersville location is about 12 13 miles from me good luck! With table games at the casino that strip is gonna fill in like crazy.