Does it slow down after the holidays? I was doing $1800.00 average every day between thanksgiving to new years day but the last 2 days are $650.00 and today will close at around $700.00 :?

Ugh, i hear ya! I was busy, up till today. Today is zzzzzzzzzzz, ugh!
I am hoping for a bit of a pick up tomorrow. Being Friday and all. But I hear we are in for a bad couple of weeks here till about mid January then it starts to climb again…I PRAY!

ya wed was slow
thursday was normal

Same here. Wed was really slow. Today was almost normal. Football on TV helped tonight.

The week leading to Christmas we had our biggest ever week doing $12,600 ($12k for the first time) then went down just mid $9K with closure on Christmas Day and Boxing Day (26th).

Last week it just went off BIG TIME doing $13,100 !!! This is a figure I dreamed of getting to and in our plans couldn’t see it happening for at least late 2009.

The funny thing is that we did the sales without any extra staff and without a new manager and with my Manager in Training on annual leave.

The only down side is that our evaporator in the coolroom went belly up and now we have to get it replaced. The repair company are getting a quote to gether with ‘guestimates’ around the $2,000 mark. OUCH.

Glad the board is back up because I’ve been itching to blow my trumpet about our two incredible sales weeks. :smiley:


I did well after xmas and new years, but last night YIKES! what the heck? Ugh, is this the beginning of the slow painful, working our way back up to normal and beyond January sales, ugh. I think i might have to start taking blood pressure medication!