Is it the slow time of the year or what? Monday was down 50% and tonight is not much better. Last week was almost a record week missing tthe record by only $300.00. Just wondering. :?

My Pizza Shop has been around since 1959. March has been a slow Month in years past. Just hang in there. It usually evens out by the end of the week (You could be very busy this weekend).

Just be glad you don’t own a Car Wash too like I do. I had a great January of over $10k. Then February I did $3k all because we had 4 sunny days last Month.

Hopefully March Madness will help you out a bit. I know around here in Tucson it helps out a ton, but then we have the greatest college basketball team of all times here…THE ARIZONA WILDCATS!!! Opinions vary but thats mine at least! LOL! Good luck!

Hey Pizza of the month it’s funny that you have a car wash as well. I am putting an Autec automatic next to my shop that is being built right now. We are lucky to only have about 5 or 6 rainy days a year out here though. Of course the rain helps because of mud though. Good Luck!

After a few strong weeks, it’s hard to deal with these last two days. It’s been really slow.

We’re just doing what we can to ensure a busy weekend and we’ll hope it evens out the week like POTM said.

We are lucky enough to have both the Louisville Cards and Kentucky Wildcats… I am a louisville fan myself and can definately see us hitting up the final 4… If thats the case sales should be pretty decent… I’m not sure how far kentucky is going to make it tho :slight_smile:

We were dead at both locations tonight. Thought it might have something to do with day light savings. March is usually a pretty good month for us. We shall see.

How about that! You should do a radio commercial about the people eating pizza while there car gets washed. I have had my automatic for 4 months. We sale Car wash codes at my pizza shop drive thru. People can get their car washed after they get their pizza or while they wait for it. Good Luck to you too.

We are finding it tough over here at the moment, especially on the back of the spiralling mortgage rates. The banks in Australia set the rates around what the Reserve Bank deems and this entity also raises or lowers the base rate to curb spending, inflation etc. As we have had big spending due to wages currently being paid especially in the mining sector inflation has increased. This means the Resrve Bank has had to increase the interest rates for the past 4 months by .25% which is now slowing spending and bringing inflation under control.

The down side is that pizzas are being considered a luxury item and with the discreptionary spending decreasing, so is the sales of pizzas. We are on the higher retail sale side of the price list so we are feeling the tightening. In the past few weeks we are now only line ball with last year (allowing for our price increases late last year), down from our 20%+ growth we have been experiencing for the past 15 months.

In the past it has taken about 2 - 3 months for consumers to adjust t the reduced “free” money they have had so we hope that we can maintain sales at the current level and then start growing again.

The prolonged drought in Australia has resulted in massive price increases in fresh foods, epsecially dairy and wheat based products. This has also flowed on to the packaged food sector, but there is widespread criticism of the 2 major supermarket chains who hold 80% of the market as they appear to be profiteering on top of the natural increases.

Good summer rains in the eastern states of Australia which were hit hardest by the drought look like improving the rural sector productivity which hopefully will flow on to reductions in the costs of food items, both wholesale to us and retail to the cosumers. If this happens spending should free up a bit.

I guess you guys are seeing similar with the bio-fuels / corn growing expansion at the cost of wheat and other food commodity lines and the sub-prime mortgage crash (this has had a huge impact on Australia and Australian banks and companies).

With USA now in a recession you guys will probably start seeing a tightening of spending at the upper price end of the market. Like it or not we will ahve to make adjustments in our costs to remain viable until there are blue skies again.


So how did your week end up Tony?
Did it even out?

Wow March has always been one of my best months in the past years and this month is even better than the past ones.Maybe I’m lucky but whatever it is I’ll take it.


I don’t give a lot of weight to daily numbers. My favorite guage of short term sales is a trailing 7 day number. March is important for us. 6,7,8 years ago it was our biggest month. 4,5 years ago it was number 2. For the last three years it has been number 3. Sales in March are up over the years from abot 75K to just about 100K but Dec and Jan have powered ahead of that. This March started strong with the first week up about 5%. Week two was off by about 9-10%, this week is up about 15%. When all is done I exect to be up in single digits, probably no more than our Dec price increase though.

not to boast but we have Purdue, Indiana, Notre Dame and Butler so march maddness is booming!!!

Down $800.00 for the week, could of been worst but had a $5500.00 weekend to help. Thanks :slight_smile:

We just had our biggest ever Thursday, albeit Easter Thursday with sales of $2300. A complete sellout. Anticipated around $1900 - $2000 but went way over. Actually Tuesday and Wednesday were about $300 -$400 up on average and tonight was $400 over previous best Thursday.

Good Friday should be slow and Easter Saturday as well, but after the last 3 nights who knows? We will probably get slammed because I have cut down staff numbers for these nights as well as taking Saturday off myself.