?_Slutsky: Lunchroom help

Hi Guys, I have a unique situation before me and need help on putting it in letter form.

You see I am one of the owners of Big Daddy’s Pizza in North Florida and I have been asked by a very large company to put together a proposal off saleing pizza in their employye breakroom once a week.

I want to make sure I use all the right words on this because I also have the big three chain stores in my area and I am sure they have been asked to do the same.

Thank You in advance for your advice.

Just to get the ball rolling…

Why should this contract be awarded to you?

Here’s the most powerful thing you can do to win the deal: ASK BETTER QUESTIONS THAN THE OTHER GUYS.
Do whatever you have to - including using HUMBLE HONESTY - to get in and meet with the people who’ll be making the decision.
Tell them - "You know, this is a new process for us. We are ready to deliver a better product, competitive pricing, and the best service - but preparing the proposal is new for me.
“WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE IN WRITING besides a per-pizza cost?”
“What else is IMPORTANT TO YOU?”
“Who else has done this kind of work for you?”
“Why did you pick them?”
“Were you happy with them?”
“What did they do right? What could they do better?”
and even go so far as…
“What could I put in my proposal that would sway you towards selecting me?”

There you go - for FREE, a handful of sample questions that if you ask them, LISTEN, and USE the answers, will make you succesful selling ANYTHING.

Go for it!


Thanks, I will let you know how it goes.