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I’m marketing manager in “Peperoni Pizza” in Lithuania. Name is known enough. We opened new pizzeria. We tryed some ways to inform rezidents around: bilboards, direct mail, flyer directly to person in hands and over car wiper. But these ways are effective IF proposal is extra “strong” like <take 3 pizzas, pay just for 2> What is your point? How you suggest to magnet rezidents with more profitable proposal for us?
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Try a package deal like a “Family Feast Just $xx.xx” where the savings to the customer come from extras that have a high profit margin/low cost for you. It doesn’t have to be much of a discount, either, if you package several items together and say “Only” or “Just” or “Deal.” Offers like this often work nearly as well as more aggressive offers, but generally make you more money because the customers who redeem them spend more per order.

Or try giving away one or more low-cost free items (soda, breadsticks, dessert pizzas, etc.) with purchase. The perceived value is high because they are getting something free, but the cost to you is minimal.

The other advantage to these types of offers is that you’re not discounting your regular price on your pizzas. That is important because people come to expect discounts if you offer them all the time, which can devalue your product. And introducing people to high-margin extras can never be a bad thing. If they like them, chances are they will order them again.