Small Batch's in a Spiral Mixer

Hi Tom,
Wondering are the effects of doing smaller batches of dough in a spiral mixer (compared to the to when we do batches that fill the mixer)?
The reason I’m asking is we’re getting a wetter and what looks to be a better mixed final dough.
I made sure the measurements were perfectly scaled down and the finished temp is the same…?

As long as the “smaller” batch size isn’t too small there should be little to no difference between a full size batch and a partial size batch. That’s one of the strong points for a spiral mixer. By the way, the smallest dough size for a spiral mixer that will mix efficiently is one that will provide just enough dough to keep the agitator (spiral) in constant contact with the dough. If your dough is smaller than this you will get less mixing action.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom.
Appreciate the help.