Small Buisness Loans Start Up Info

As someone who has never navigated the SBA loan process any pointers and required reading tips would be greatly appreciated espicially the Buisness Plan. I have 3 years experience managing (Mostly Kitchen but some FOH) a casual dining (I want my baby back baby back…) restaurant $60k+ per week store so I am familiar with p&l ordering systems, hiring etc… and have always dreamed of a pizza / sub shop. I am at the point where I am tired of putting in the 80+ hour weeks for someone else and would like to do it for myself. I have an awesome dough and sauce recipe as well as sandwiches and meatballs etc… I am currently researching start up costs and location. Have found a defunct restaurant in a strip mall that gets about 50,000 car traffic and is near 2 military bases. The owner is selling all equipment for $40,000 but I could probably get it a lot cheaper. Rent is $2000 a month. (Heard about it yesterday so this is all I know at the moment). I’m going to talk to him tommorrow about what equipment he has etc…


Maybe this will help a little: … ight=#5086