Small conveyor for slices?

Hey everyone!

We bake our pies in a deck and reheat slices to order in a small Waring deck oven (single small deck w 18”x18” deck surface). Though it does an okay job, during slices rushes it cools off a lot, or sometimes slices suffer if the person heating them can’t break away from customer service to retrieve them.

I’ve worked in coffee shops that have small conveyor toasters, and was wondering if there was anything similar for pizza slices. Unfortunately a conveyor toaster wouldn’t work b/c as far as I know, they all flip the product when they spit it out.

Any ideas?


What about a small XLT? They have an 1832 that we use in a concession trailer.

Thanks, I’ll check it out

The thing about air impingement ovens is that you will need to have the oven profiled for the task at hand, assuming the oven of choice has top and bottom fingers that can be changed out. For reheating slices you will want to have a finger profile that provides very little airflow to the bottom of the pizza (you just need to heat and crisp the crust) but a lot more airflow to the top of the pizza as you will need to be putting more heat into the toppings, a good idea to improve the slice presentation is to put a little less cheese on the pizza for the first bake and follow up with a top dressing of a little more cheese when you reheat the slice. A good baking platform to use when reheating the slices is a disk that flows as much air as a pizza screen which is dark in color and has a quality non-stick coating. Then all you will need to do is to wipe the disk off with a clean bar towel after each use and toss it into a box ready for the next slice. A few years ago I wrote an article here in PMQ (A New Concept for Pizza by the Slice) that might prove interesting to you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks Tom!
I’ll look into the article and your method

we have been using a Bakers Pride electric countertop oven with 2 stone decks for years now with great success. Each deck can hold 4 slices from an 18"pie. We also use this oven for any well done pie requests as it can hold an 18" pie on each deck and does not tie up our regular oven. We have a timer 2min for slices and 4min for well done at 400degrees

Yeah, this my other thought…it just double up the electric decks, or maybe expand our hood and install gas ones.
We do about 17” on our slice pies, but often get rushes of 20+ slices on order at a time. We’ll use a screen to be able to get 8 slices into the small oven at a time, but at that point there’s so much heat loss it’s silly