Small electric oven advice (Lincoln 2500)

My family owns a decent sized convenience store and we do great in the hot foods department. Most of our sales are from deep fried chicken. We do sell pizza by the slice, but it is a sad excuse for pizza. Our bakery’s convection ovens are very difficult to get a decent pizza out of. We have resorted to using par baked crusts that are not impressive at all, especially for the price we pay for them.

We really want to improve our pizza, but we have limited space for another oven and adding another hood is not an option. We are considering a Lincoln 2500 ventless oven. We are well aware of the low capacity per hour limitations of this oven, but we would be thrilled to have that as a problem.

My question is: Does anyone have experience with this oven? Can we get a good pizza out of this oven with the proper finger configuration?

You sh0uld be able to get the results you expect from that oven. We have soldsome, no complaints, GM


As someone who’s in The c-store biz, here’s what I would do (and have done). Purchase a Wisco 560 countertop oven for a few hundred bucks & a humidified pizza warmer if you don’t already have one. Improve your pizza (your words) and let the success pay for a multi-thousand dollar oven. At that point, maybe look at a Baker’s Pride P44 countertop oven that allows you to bake 4 pizzas at a time, while taking up minimal space.


Hello! We have been in the convenience store business for 28 years in Oklahoma. We currently own around 250 Lincoln 1301’s and about 50 of the Lincoln 2500’s you are referring too. We have had tremendous results using these lines over the years. We cook our pizzas at 500 degrees 5.5 minutes. All of our customers buy their pizza dough from us, they use an un-proofed sheeted crust. They proof the dough in pizza pans at their location, then top and bake! Our main focus is manufacturing pizza crusts and pizza dough balls. Please reach out to me if you would like further info. 918-960-4780 would be happy to help!!!

I second the 2501 ovens. I use it in my food trailer. I’m using rich’s pre sheeted dough it taste amazing i cook at 490 for 5.30IMG_20200423_215621_283|500x500