Small equipment used in pizzerias

At PMQ Pizza Magazine, we are researching for a story about the small equipment items that are used in a pizzeria, such as food processors, slicers, meat grinders, scales, can crushers/compactors, etc. We would like to know your favorite small equipment item, any new item that has made a dramatic difference in efficiency, what new item you now can’t do without. When we identify the top 10 pieces of small equipment we believe it will be helpful to you and all pizzeria operators.

If you have a few minutes in the next few days, please respond with your phone number and we will call you at a time of your convenience.

Thanks for your help.
Walter Webb
Assistant Editor

Nemco Easy Slicer and the Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer would be at the top of my list. Affordable and safe tools that greatly increase the speed at which an employee can produce heaps of fresh, consistently-sliced veggies.

Not sure that the first two qualify as small equipment but my A and M MFG Round O Matic R900T Dough Rounder and my Hobart HCM 450 are very important to my operation. The HCM 450 we mix sauce and dice cheese in and the dough rounder allows a single person to cut, ball and tray a 160+ LB batch of dough in under 20 minutes. Getting to smaller equipment, I would say my Nemco Easy Onion 2 slicer and my pelouze PS10FPX scale that I use to weigh cheese portions on every pizza are very important to efficiency and cost saving.