Small Favor from my pizza budies

Local paper is having a vote off for best Pizza.If anyone has a moment to go to this e-mail address and vote me in as best pizza in Colmar Pa It would greatly be appreciated and I thank you in advance.We win a free front page article in the local paper if we win.I don’t have to tell you how awesome that is.E-mail address is just tell him its your place in the area.Thank you again!Oh by the way its’ called Goomba’s Pizzeria


So that we could all vote in good conscious, maybe you should freeze some uncooked pizzas and send them to us in dry ice with baking instructions.

if your pizza is good the folks around you will vote for you. i for one will not vote for something i have never seen or tried

Goomba, I’d ask the adminiatrator of this forum to delete this thread. It might be too late now though, as Google has probably already sucked it into the “never go away” internet world.

Let’s say you win, and one of your competitors happens to see this post. Imagine all of the horrible press you will deservedly get…

wow you guys are harsh…I’ll vote for ya!!!

Not harsh at all.

Evidently being voted “best pizza” in this way is meaningless - because as we see, the voting is easily manipulated. Maybe it should be “The best pizza place who has someone who was able to scour the internet asking for fake votes” - that would be more realistic.

Again, I ask, what if the person who recieves these emails gets flooded with a bunch of votes from people who obviously don’t live anywhere near there? Maybe their next story will be about how Goomba’s Pizza tried to manipulate the vote. Bad press, no doubt.

Don’t people have any ethics any more? :frowning:

I agree. Although most of these contests and “best of’s” are nonsense, I still would not ask people to vote for my pizza if they did not believe in it. Usually the people who win have some kind of connection. Still a good testimonial if you do win as most people don’t understand how these things work.

Honestly, I think you might be able to prove yourself here. Email and ask her/him if the votes are confirmed. Then ask them if they are willing to support a local contest at a local place where local people cast a vote. It seems to me that this sort of voting process is tainted and that it provides zilch, nadda, zip for the best pizza. A vote to an email on AOL? Come on.