Small phone system... add an "on-hold" message?

Hey all,
Not sure if any of you are familiar with the smaller style phone systems (I know plenty of you have those large multi-line systems that comes with all the fancy message thingeys) my system consists of 4 of these: … B0002YY1HW
We use the HOLD feature a lot and would like to add messages for the customer to hear while on hold.

How do I do it? If there a plug in system that can record my voice for the messages or what?

Thanks all for the help!

Re: Small phone system… add an “on-hold” message

Hello Direct sells a simple music on hold system that looks like it will work with your phones. Here is the web address: … kuid=13029

With this hardware you will need to record your own on-hold messages. It’s inexpensive and it will do the job.

Fidelity Communications is well-known in pizzeria circles. I have seen their ads everywhere. Their web site is They will certainly have something you can use to take advantage of your customers’ on-hold time.

Re: Small phone system… add an “on-hold” message

I would reccomend you speak to Mike Wick at message on hold, I have had my on hold messageing through him for 4 years. His website is : Trying to record messages yourself will never sound close to as good as a professional recording.