Small Pizza Conveyor

I use a double stack Blodgett 1040 ovens in my store. My store is tiny, but we do really well with our size limitations.

Ive been wanting a conveyor pizza oven for years. Earlier this year I had an idea to change my prep room into the pizza station, I had enough room for a double stack edge 40’s. However after thinking about it I really didnt like the idea of having my pizza disconnected from the rest of the kitchen area. The city said no-go anyway, they did say I could put a smaller conveyor oven where my existing Blodgetts are now.

The Edge 30’s are the smallest, I dont sell a ton of pizza its 30% of sales. We max out about 40 pizzas an hour with the Blodgetts to find someone besides my brother or I to work the oven is nonexistent. Im hoping a conveyor would help

Should I look more into the Edge 30’s or is this a big runaround?

You will not go wrong with the edge oven

Do edge 30’s cook just as good as the 40’s. and the 40’s as good as the 60’s. It just seems like the 60’s would bake a more quality pizza.

Also It would seem like there would be a loss of air circulating in the room, due to all the air required for the conveyor oven.

The Edge guys came by more store and cooked several of my pizzas in an Edge 30 oven.
I was very happy with the results. The crust tasted better, no burnt toast taste or smell.

I wish they made a 30” chamber with a 32” width belt