Small Town Life dealing with PJ's

So you all know my situation but I will remind the newbies,

we are in a small town of 1500 we do an avg of $6k a week which i feel is pretty good we are the only real pizza shop in 8 miles (several gas station Pizza)

well now PJ opened in the town 10 miles north of us and they are actually delivering in our town (avg miles for Del is 26 mile round trip)

tonite 2 of the churches ordered from them trying to figure out what price point they are giving

but I know that their drivers will only drive 26 miles for their small del fee they get for only so long

anyone have any experience with PJ delivering that far


May I suggest just donating the pizzas to the churches? We do a BOGO large 1 Topping but to compete with their prices you may have donate the first x amount then get them into a bogo

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I worked for Pjs while in college. IMO their discount for schools/churches was pretty low (10 % off I think). My experience is that if you give a church a solid discount then their congregants will repay you by loyally going to your store. We charge $7.50 for a lg 16 in pizza ($8.50 w/ one topping) for churches (our menu price is $10.95). They really appreciate it and their members are some of our best customers.

Our deal for churches etc for a one time event, especially if it was having to do with youth was that we would donate the first 10 pizzas and do the rest 50% off. We would do that 2-3 times per year each for organizations like that. Then we made sure to get photos of the kids digging into pizza and posted on FB. (paid promoted posts)

If it was a regular order for something like a youth group we occasionally did every third pizza free.

We also donated several free pizzas every Friday all summer in support of a youth reading program at the library and several times per year to the local blood drive.

Focus on community!

We have always given churchs and schools $7 pizzas so I might just go to the bogo idea thanks

My thoughts are they want to break you to close then they swoop in and take over.