just wondering if you guys have some suggestions on a good company to get smallwares and good prices, we will be needing everything, from dishware to kitchen supplies to front of the house supplies we have all our large equipment. where did you and where do you still get these items?? thanks, Laura

I use Northern Pizza Equipment for my smallwares. Even with shipping, still much cheaper than my local supplier. Local auctions are also a great place to look.

I use If you spend more then $250, shipping is free. So I wait until I need a bigger order or something more expensive like shelving and get my order up to $250.00.

I have never had an issue with them. I even had to send a large amount of things back becuase I ordered the wrong ones, they took care of the return shipping and the shipping for the correct items. I was impressed because they knew that I had made the mistake and they still took care of it.
i found they had decent prices

thanks, that helps!! anymore sites to look at??

I use Good prices, fast shipping. I used to use instawares, but after shipping delays, I switched to

I have never looked at BigTray’s smallware prices but all their equipment I found to be more expensive than other places. I like buying smallwares from a local supplier because there are always things you will need as you go. If you put together a package deal you should get good pricing. At the same time set up a discount going forward so you can walk in any day and still get a discount even if you are just picking up a couple spoodles.

I’m on the train too. Been using them for 7 years for smallwares to my pizza line to my walk in. Great prices and great service.