Smart car for sale

I have a new Smart Car waiting at the dealership for me and am looking to sell the one I’ve been driving since april. It’s been a great source of advertising with the wrap and has definatly built awareness of our company. I’ll pay to have the wrap removed or if you like and if the colors work for you, just have a sign shop cover my logos and phone number with yours. The “open till 4AM” and “Fast Free Delivery” are removeable. If you’re interested, PM or email me.

wow, that’s certainly noticeable!
What kind of car is that and what kind of $ are you thinking about? And, what makes it a “Smart Car”?

The brand name is Smart. The waiting list is over a year now. I’m looking to sell for close to $13,000

Anyone know what it costs ot UNwrap a car like this. I’d want to have our colors and stuff if we were to get it.

it depends on the type of vinyl they used… some just peel off like a sticker, and heavly glued sticker but it does come off in just a few pieces… some cheaper ones are a major pain, they’re like that paper sticker that you just can’t get off so you use your finger nails to pick at it and it still wont come so you get your goo-gone and STILL IT WONT COME OFF… AHHHHHHHHHH so yeah, it’s like that :lol:

Paul, i just read a article on Yahoo about the Smart car and it’s automatic-manual shifting and how it lags… whats your experiece been? And with it’s 1L. 3cyl does it get like 70mpg? AND how quick is it really? I’m on a busy street where the limit is 55mph, so my drivers have to jump on it to get out of the parking lot.

The automated manual transmission is a MANUAL transmission. If you put it in drive and expect it to shift like your SUV you will be very dissapointed. If you put it in drive and expect it to lag in shifts like your manual transmission Honda Civic does as you engage the clutch, shift and release the clutch, you will get exactly what you expect. It’s funny that all of the reviews of the Smart complain about the shifting, but these same reviewers don’t pan other manual transmission cars. The lack of a clutch pedal makes people expect perfectly smooth shifting. As far as speed goes, I find it does fine. MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the 3 cylinder Geo Metro I drove in the mid 1990’s. It doesn’t get 70MPG, but then again neither does my managers Suzuki motorcycle with a similar size motor. I get around 40MPG whether driving around town or on the highway. Better than any other new straight gas vehicle.

Nick, I am under the impression that this can be removed with just a hair dryer. Personally, I would pay to have it removed as I would want to make sure not to damage the finnish of the car. As far as quality of material used, I know this is a 3M product that has a 6 year warranty. I don’t know much about wraps beyond that. I figured there might be some interest in the car with the wrap with someone who uses blue prominently in their ads. Despite the pizza picture being my product, if you serve a handtossed product, the picture is pretty good.

Yeah, I could really se you fitting into one of these !!! :lol:

But then again it would look good with a light box the shape of one of your hats on it.


Me and one pizza would do fine. 5 pies, and we’d be pushing the limit. I’d have to rotate the tires pretty often 'cause those driver side ones would wear pretty quick when I’m driving. They got a payload limit, too. Me, the wife and a cup of soft drink would be about it :slight_smile: And no 40mpg here . . . unless no uphills . . . gravity has its power.

But, hey! I’d have low wind drag for hair . . . but you’d have even less.

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What you Said!!! :roll:

Actually, an automobile or motor car is a wheeled motor vehicle for transporting passengers, which also carries numerous deliveries of pizzas, wings, pasta, sandwiches and various other comestibles that our customers will order from us on occasion . . . the vary reason we are in business. :roll: