Smart Memo Board

Anyone ever try the smart memo board idea? It’s a memo board magnet on the fridge with menu/coupons attached. Is it worth the extra cost?

I have been thinking about using them for fund raisers at my local school. What is the price you got for each one?

They said through the month of March, minimum of 5000 for 49 cents each. Plus on top of that you have to pay for shipping from Los Angeles to your destination, which I’m in Denver and he said it would run about another $200. If you’re going to the Pizza Expo, he said they would be there. Very nice looking piece, but a little on the expensive side.

Sometimes I wish I could simply keep my mouth shut…Especially when I have to say something good about a company I feel is a competitor of mine…But, some of my clients have used Smart Memo Boards and they work extremely well…When a method of advertising works real well, no matter what it costs, it is not expensive…If you look at the sales generated by Smart Memo Boards and figure your cost as a % of sales and it is real low, then it is a very good investment…So if you have enough cash in your advertising budget run quick because the 49 cents is a great price…If your budget is smaller and 300 memo boards at U$0.99 each works, please send me an email…Good luck…

I would love to get the .49 cent deal, but $2500 is out of my depth. Royce, what’s the price break quantity you deal with?

This is Jay from Smart Marketing Solutions. We manufacture the SmartMemo Boards. I got an email from one of my clients asking about the $0.49 deal. To confirm the offer we are inviting clients to place orders at $0.49 per unit from now until April 3, the last day of the Pizza Expo. We are also offering six monthly payments with no interest or financing fees. The price includes complete graphics design, full color printing, hand assemby and packaging, ocean freight, duty and brokerage fees. The only additional cost to consider is the land transportation from either Los Angeles or Vancouver (Canada Customers) to your door. The offer represents a savings of up to 45% for orders below 100,000 units.

For additional information about SmartMemo boards please send me an email or call 1-866-991-0995.


Nick, my memo boards are 8 1/2" x 11" and start at $0.99 each for 300 - 2,500… will show some samples and C$ pricing…U$ orders are shipped from southern US and do not include cello envelopes…Thanks…