Smart Phone Ordering

Does anyone on the board have a special website for smart phones, and if so, what percentage of orders come from it?

Seems like the way of the future, a few simple thumb movements whilst lying on the couch, 30mins later your pizza is at the door.

My complaint b4 with Big Holler was the lack of some smart phones (iPhone) wouldn’t,t work, while some did…

They are/were working on it, but…

Now, with IOS 5 out, it seems iPhones might indeed now work…

But, no, for me, a separate site for smart phones…

My Prism by Microworks system offers a mobile ordering platform that looks great. I hope to be adding it to my online ordering very soon.

We use the Prism system and had the mobile version enabled about two months ago. So far only small portion of our online orders come from mobile devices, but using our email data, I can tell you that between 60-70% of our emails (list is derived from our online orders) go to mobile devices so I expect it to become important.

From the data I’ve seen from customers that use our platform, about 7-8% are using the mobile platform. The rest are using desktop or laptop devices. I predict mobile to increase, but I also believe that desktop and laptop online ordering will always be predominant, simply due to the speed and ease of use of a keyboard/mouse setup versus a small touchscreen.

Compel Cart

The mobile version of our online ordering service (hunger rush) is way easier to naviagte than the desktop version - just food for thought.

I just upgraded from my blackberry storm 2 to a Droid (ReZound) and now I cant put my phone down. I am not sure about iphones (I am anti i and with Steve Jobs gone I am pretty sure they will lose their edge) so I feel mosty people may be just getting used to doing more and more with their phones and if you can order dinner with a few easy clicks with ONE HAND while your doing something else I can see it being something we will all need soon.

Search Blackjack Pizza on your droid or iphone for the app and check it out.