Smart Snacks anyone making pizzas for the school

any trouble with State Nutrition board

Dropped my last school contract after last school year ended. Haven’t been happier and will NEVER do one again.

We do a large account, right about 1000 pizzas a week. The food director has been good to us and has adjusted other parts of their menu to allow for the kids to still get pizza. I think he is running out of options with the sodium reduction mandates that are creeping up on us. I will be surprised if we still have the account next year.

There is a loophole (isn’t there always). When the sodium level for a reimbursable meal meets the sodium guidelines as a whole, the items that comprise that meal can be sold A la carte even if they individually don’t meet the A-la-carte sodium guidelines.

If they can construct a reimbursable meal with a slice of pizza that meets the requirements, they can sell as many slices individually as they want.

And if not: Part-skim Mozzarella gets a Fat Limit exemption. If they are willing to sell a smaller slice (like 14" pizza instead of 16", the calories can be kept under 350/slice and with a bare-minimum sodium in the dough (or maybe making a thin crust) you should be able to get under 480mgs. Make the dough with 51% whole-grain flour and you’ve checked everything off the list.

Hopefully my food director guy has all that figured out.