Smoke filters for a wood burning oven

Hello everyone, I’m about of open a new Vera Pizza Napoletana place using a wood-burning oven. Does anyone know of a smoke filter/scrubber that can be used to eliminte any particulates that might exist? While training in Napoli I saw these water driven scrubbers in most pizzerias, but I’ve not seen anything here in America. I can bring one over from Italy but they’re not UL approved in the States. Anyone seen one of these devices or know where I might find more information?

Just a side note if anyone that administers think tank is reading, I registered with a user name and password, but never received an email confirmation. I looked on the membership list and I sure enough I exist, but the system won’t allow me to enter, saying invalid user name. Hmmmm? Can you hlep?

Thank you for any help you can give me on this request.

Da Michele

me too registered under several names but never got a password. so i just use this one.

They are required in Napoli. I have not heard of any city that requires them but there may be one out there.
Where are you opening up?
Best of Luck